Sheriff Foundation


The Phelps County Sheriff’s Department Foundation exists to help fund new equipment and support for officers both on the road and in the corrections department.  All monies for the Foundation come from grants and voluntary contributions by Businesses and Individuals in Phelps County.  The Foundation, which is administered by the Sheriff’s Office and helps provide specialized equipment for the added safety of our Officers.

The quality and availability of all support and equipment afforded by the Foundation is in direct proportion to the incoming contributions.  The People and Businesses of Phelps County have been very generous with their support in the past and we look forward to continuing support in the future.

If you wish to contribute to the foundation in any manner please contact the office at:

Phelps County Sheriff

715 5th Ave  Suite 20

Holdrege NE  68949


Thank you very much

Sheriff Gene Samuelson

Phelps County Sheriff’s Department.

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